ASH RAE 110 Fume Hood Testing

Aero offers a thorough certification process of your fume hoods to ensure they are providing the necessary protection to its operators.

Why is ASHRAE 110 Testing Important?

ASHRAE 110 is important to you because your fume hood’s performance is validated in a dynamic environment. The environmental conditions after installation could be significantly different then when initially tested. Fume hood performance can be affected by several factors within the lab such as:

  • Supply and Exhaust Air Patterns
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Lab Pressures
What is ASHRAE 110 Testing?

The ASHRAE 110 performance test specifies the minimum acceptable level of containment for a fume hood when a specific flow rate of a detectable gas is released into an operating hood. The performance test includes:

  • Face Velocity Measurement
  • Local Visualization Test Using Smoke Tubes
  • Large Volume Visualization Tests, Using Smoke Generator
  • Static Tracer Gas Test
  • Dynamic Tracer Gas Test for VAV Systems
  • Verification of Monitor Operation