Monitoring Based Commissioning

Aero's Monitoring Based Commissioning service utilizes real-time analytical monitoring software and energy engineering expertise to evaluate and optimize the operations and maintenance, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency in existing buildings.

Aero is an approved service provider in the ComEd Smart Ideas for your Business Monitoring Based Commissioning Program. Ask us about how we can work together.

We Focus on the Following Detailed Analytic’s
  • Fault Detection/Diagnostics-Is it operating as intended?
  • Performance Analysis and Scoring – How well is it operating?
  • Operational Tuning- How can I make it operate better?
  • Predictive Maintenance- Can we identify issues before they become costly problems?
  • Failure Forensics- After an event, what happened and what was the root cause?
Software Features
  • Real time monitoring of the building systems
  • Detailed analytic’s to assist with building operations and maintenance, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency.
  • Scheduled and time-of-event reporting
  • iPhone (iOS) and Web Access from anywhere