Aero TEAM Process

The Aero balancing process focuses on a team approach. We believe that in order to produce the best end product, we should be involved from the very infancy of a project.

  • Work directly with the design team.
  • Review design drawings and discuss balancing procedures unique to the job, with a focus on proper system installation and balancing technique.
  • Work directly with the construction team.
  • Review coordinated drawings with a focus on system installation – look for items such as proper damper installation, valve installation, and other roadblocks for proper balancing.
  • Assist in the creation of the contruction schedule based on system design, installation, and proper balancing standards; work from the turnover date backwards to assist in the creation of milestones.
  • Begin to populate balancing reports based on final coordinated drawings. Information is able to be directly imported into our “Automated Information Manger.”
  • As reports are populated, review design requirements; looking for descrepancies in requirements for connected equipment (outlets vs. VAVs vs. AHU).
  • Attend onsite meetings and work hand in hand with the construction team to solve any issues that arise in a timely manner.
  • This is streamlined with our “Automated Information Manger.” This system allows a near real-time balancing report to be viewable to all concerned parties.
  • In progress balancing reports can be viewed daily, complete with deficiency lists and pictures. The construction team is able to review the TAB progress of our field technicians daily.
  • If we see something that needs to be re-tested or tested differently it can be addressed while the balancing technician is still on the job site, rather than having to send him back for a follow up trip.
Project Closeout
  • Perform final review and provide final typed balancing reports within days after completion.
  • Data can also be exported and utilized in the as-built documents or facility management system

Aero’s main goal is to issue a final balancing report with no deficiencies and all systems operating to the engineer of records’ standards.